2022 Update

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've posted anything (or any items). I'm very much alive. Let me explain what's happening

Basically, starting around the beginning of the year, Hong Kong, where I'm based, has had a fairly big wave of Omicron. One result of that wave is a continued attempt to limit the spread as well as importation of Covid cases. They were hoping to do this by limiting flights. It obviously didn't work as there was a whole month when we had tens of thousands of cases per day. In the meanwhile, flights to the US, Canada, Australia etc were suspended. As a result, shipping to those places are also severely curtailed.

At the moment things are not yet back to normal. Normal air mail, which is what I use to ship, is still unavailable to some of these destinations where many of you are from. I didn't want to post a bunch of items that at least half my customers can't buy because there was no good way to deliver them (something like FedEx costs way more than the items themselves). Now the post office has a slightly more expensive courier service (about double what normal air mail is) that I may implement here. So, things aren't quite back to normal, but at least calming down and hopefully will resume normality soon.

Anyway, that's the update. Hope you all are having a good year. I can't wait to post some new items again.

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