An archive of cups

As some of you may have heard, Rich is going to shut down his site on sake cups pretty soon. I know I used his site a lot when I first started out collecting and then selling cups - it's a great resource especially when there isn't much information, and I know a lot of my customers also used his site extensively. Well, it seems like he's ending its existence. So if there's anything you'd like to keep from his website, you should go check it out before it gets decommissioned. 

In the meantime, I'm building up a history of items I've sold in the "Sold items" tab of the store. I intend to keep everything I sell on there, and you can search for them through the tags I apply to the items on the top left of the page. In the future I may even place some of the older items I've sold in the past that are particularly special on there so everyone can see them - I still have most of the photos of those but they no longer exist anywhere since eBay deletes items over 90 days old. 

Once the number of sold items get too big I may create a "special exhibition" tab or some such to display some of the rarer and more unique items. That's for the future though.

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