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Learning about military sake cups: Where do cups come from? Part 1

Learning about military sake cups: Where do cups come from? Part 1

So, where do all these cups come from, and why? 

This is probably going to be a multi-part article. So let me start by saying this: I am still discovering new things as I encounter new items that revise older ideas I've had. It's been more than ten years since I started this hobby (I came from the angle of ceramics, not militaria, by the way). So it's actually rather interesting to see there are still new things to discover after all these years.

First of all, these were all commemorative items. For those of you who collect all types...

Learning about military sake cups: Books

Learning about military sake cups: Books

Now that is no more, I feel it is perhaps necessary to write a series of articles to replace and also update some of the information contained in that website. This will both be meant as an introduction to those who are new to the hobby, but also hopefully offer something interesting to those who have already been collecting for some time. 

The first thing that is worth talking about is - what are the books out there on the subject? Militaria collectors and military history aficionados in general tend to like books - they are at once more...

The rewards program

Something I haven't really advertised very well is the rewards program attached to this website. Basically, for every dollar you spend here you get 10 points, and for 1000 points (so $100 spent) you can redeem the points for a $5 coupon to be used as free money here on the site. It's a pretty simple structure. If you click on the link to the "Earn Rewards" tab on the bottom right of the page, you will see the information for the rewards program. You can redeem coupons of up to $25 in denomination at a time. 

If you have any...


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